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Oils get dirty, deteriorate or lose their properties due to various reasons and cannot do their job properly. In this case, the oils damage the material they come into contact with and the electrical insulation weakens. Therefore, transformer oils; It should be kept under regular supervision as long as it is transported, stored and in operation.

Oil samples should be taken periodically from transformer and other electrical equipment and measurements should be made. The safe, efficient, continuous operation of the transformer and its long operating life depend on the routine performance of these tests.

By performing a series of physical, chemical and electrical tests on transformer insulation oil; The extent of contamination and aging can be observed. At the same time, developing transformer failures can be monitored using the gas dissolved in oil analysis method. Thanks to these scientific methods, necessary measures are taken on time before very small events in transformers or equipment cause serious malfunctions.

Thus, unscheduled power outages that may be caused by the malfunction are prevented, and the economic damage and other damages are kept at the lowest level. In order to operate a system in a safe, efficient and continuous manner, it must be tested and checked regularly and monitored continuously.

Oil Chemical and Electrical Tests

  • Power Factor Test
  • Puncture Strength Test
  • Water Amount Test
  • Acidity Test
  • Internal Surface Tension Test
  • Color and Appearance Test
  • Specific Density Test
  • Flash Point Test

Sampling Oil Dissolved Gas

  • Methane (CH4)
  • Hydrogen (H2)
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Ethylene (C2H4)
  • Ethane (C2H6)
  • Acetylene (C2H2)
  • Oxygen (O2)
  • nitrogen (N2)
  • Total Dissolved Gas (ppm)
  • Total Dissolved Gas (%)
  • Total Combustible Gas (ppm)
  • Total Combustible Gas (%)

Transformer Oil

Resource Management, Business Process and Workflow Management System for Transformer Oil Testing Labs. Best suited for Agencies and Utilities dealing with transformer health monitoring.

Dugan Enerji Transformer Oil Laboratory Information Management System is a fully web-based, highly configurable, flexible solution for Transformer Oil and related Product Testing Laboratories. Kriti LIMS deals with Test Labs Total Business Process and Workflow Automation activities. The solution manages the functions and procedures of the Test activities. Sample Scheduling, Sample Reservation, Tracking, Testing, Quality Control, R&D, Test Report Printing, Online Test Report Generation, Billing, Accounting, MIS and Business Intelligence Module. Cloud-based solutions are also available for configuring multiple Labs, Enterprise and branch Labs.
Transformer Oil Analysis and Laboratory Services
We Provide Customers A Complete Test Program Analyzing Transformer Oil
GAN GROUP has been providing high voltage services to the business world since 2006. We have taken our transformer services to a new level as we understand all high voltage related equipment including transformers. As part of a complete preventive maintenance program, periodic oil analysis monitors the condition of power transformers and detects problems before they become serious.

Dugan Energy diagnoses contamination, oxidation and increased liquid temperatures by performing different physical tests on each sample obtained. When the previously mentioned conditions are present in the oil, the fluid deteriorates and loses its full potential to insulate and cool the transformer.




These tests determine the oil's ability to function properly as an insulator and coolant and identify incipient failures at the earliest possible stage.

  • Dissolved Gas Analysis - DGA
  • Insulator failure
  • Moisture and Water Content - Karl Fischer Method
  • PCB - Polychlorinated Biphenyl
  • acidity
  • Specific Gravity - True Density
  • Colour
  • Interface Voltage


It is easy to collect and ship samples. Our customers have the option of sending samples to us or taking samples from Dugan Enerji Engineers' facilities.

If samples are taken by your staff, we will provide the necessary equipment to properly extract and ship the sample. Results will be emailed to you within 48 hours of receiving samples and hard copies can be sent to you if requested. If urgent results are needed, we can call or email the same day.



Dugan Energy uses the best filters and filtration system on the market. We can filter transformer oil to remove carbon, water and contaminants suspended in the oil. The filtration of the oil increases its insulating properties and extends the life of your transformer or tap changer. Our filtration system can remove moisture and damaging particles down to a single micron (1 µm). We can also completely drain and change the oil of your transformer if necessary.

Transformer Oil and Gas Samples
Transformer Oil and Gas Samples
Oil Tests (Physical, Chemical and Electrical)
Oil Tests (Physical, Chemical and Electrical)
Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)
Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA)

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