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Test And Maintenance Service

High-voltage (H.V.) Generators, Transformers and all kinds of electrical equipment in the electricity generation, transmission and distribution system must be tested and checked periodically before and during operation. Thus, necessary measures can be taken in a timely manner before minor incidents turn into serious malfunctions.

At the same time, it is ensured that unplanned power cuts caused by the malfunction, damage to the system, loss of time and economic losses are kept at a minimum level.

Also; It is very important to make the necessary controls and adjustments in the control and protection systems. Grounding resistance should be measured and timely controls will be very beneficial in terms of operation and work safety.

Tests and controls are carried out and interpreted by our company with the methods prescribed by the standards. If the measurement results are outside the normal limits, possible malfunctions and negativities are determined and solution suggestions are presented in a report.

The tests, controls and services given under the headings above are carried out by our company by expert and experienced staff.

We present the activities of our company to your information and interest, and we welcome all kinds of offers and suggestions.


  • Maintenance and Repair Works
  • Assembly Disassembly Works
  • Supply of Spare Material
  • Testing and Commissioning Works
  • Protection And Control Tests
  • Grounding Resistance Installation and Measurements
  • Transformer Oil Discharge Works
  • Engineering and Consulting Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Education Services
Testing and Commissioning
Testing and Commissioning
Maintenance and repair
Maintenance and repair
Assembly disassembly
Assembly disassembly

Your solution partner in testing, maintenance, installation and commissioning of high voltage electrical equipment; DUGAN ENERGY.